This couple might be young, but they knew what they wanted and that is each other…they also knew how to dress adorably too.


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Growing up together in Barstow, California, Hanna and Noah had been dating for four years before he popped the question leading to their wedding.  Will you marry me?

Hanna’s mom lovingly told the story of how Noah did a surprise proposal at their church.  Already up on the stage for something else, Noah grabbed Hanna’s hand to stop her from leaving.  Suddenly a slide show came up on the screen showing photos of them growing up.  Confused, Hanna wasn’t sure what was going on until Noah got down on his knee with a beautiful ring.


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Hanna is a beautiful young lady-sweet and demure, but with a wild and stubborn streak that every woman needs!


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Her wedding dress was a gorgeous lace dress with delicate beading.  Simple elegance.  A perfect fit for the rustic wedding venue.

Noah is confident, able to take charge and willing to stand up for his bride.  He looked very GQ in his grey vest but kept it rustic in his dark washed blue jeans.


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Getting ready for the wedding

The original plan for the wedding was to have it outside under the rustic wedding arch the groom built himself.  Great job Noah!  Lucky us that we got to keep this arch to make future brides and grooms happy during their own ceremony.  Thanks!


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The weather was weird this day and it went from high temperatures to rain and stirred up the wind.  Fortunately the barn provides a gorgeous indoor wedding venue alternative when the weather doesn’t cooperate as well as a place for the guests to go inside while they wait.


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As the bride and bridesmaids readied themselves for the wedding…


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and the grooms showed off their débonnaire looks…


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…the crew scrambled to prepare the barn for the ceremony.


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The Wedding Ceremony


When all was ready, the groom and his groomsmen waited outside the barn.


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The groom was a bit nervous, but that’s only to be expected when you are committing yourself wholeheartedly to another person.


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The groom’s parents looked on fondly.


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The bridesmaids and groomsmen were pictures of delightful gorgeousness fit for Pinterest.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in matching shades of buttery yellow including their bowtie, pocket kerchief and farmy suspenders, taking a country look to rustic elegance.


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But nobody could compete with what a charmer the ring bearer was.


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Except maybe the flower girls


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The bride’s very beautiful best friend comes close.


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But the bride definitely wins…  She must have taken the groom’s breath away as her father walked her out to the red barn.


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She certainly was pleased to see him.


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They exchanged rings…


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The pastor led everyone in a prayer…


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And after the wedding ceremony, this beautiful couple glided their way out of the barn on a cloud of exhilaration!


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Where they basked in the glow of newly married matrimonial happiness.


bride and groom standing in front of red barn wedding venue holding sunflower bouquet


I mean how adorable can a bride and groom get?


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The rest of the guests enjoyed food under the patio misters cooked by the bride’s grandparents.  So sweet.


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While others really got into the whole farm thing and enjoyed cocktail hour tours of the farm.


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The groom and his groomsman were pretty stoked about the marriage and maybe the 1939 Chevy too.


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The bride differed in her opinion lol.


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The Wedding Reception in the barn


Everyone enjoyed the touching wedding speeches of the bride and groom’s closest family and friends in the yellow light of the sun as it set behind the barn.


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The bride and groom then danced together for the first time since becoming husband and wife.



And then had their first lover’s spat as the groom started a cake fight!



Yet despite all the ups and downs of the day, the bride and groom kept smiling.  That’s a pretty good sign for their future



Surrounded by the love of family and friends…


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The world is this couple’s oyster.



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