Flip Flop Ranch is down a country road, far away from the noise and frenzy of city life.  It’s been a farm for almost a century and, even though we now offer weddings, it still is.  Roosters crow in the distance and cows moo around dinner time.  Our big red barn is newly renovated with beautiful pine siding and the high beams are strung with lights that glow in the evening.

When guests arrive, they make their way down a hay bale lined path in between the grape vineyard and alongside the fruit orchard.  The ceremony site sits right next to the red barn and on the edge of the Mojave desert.  Nothing but the beautiful and lonely desert can be seen for miles until it meets with the Big Bear mountain range.  This landscape is a striking background for the wedding ceremony.

Or if you choose, you could get married inside the barn.

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Guests sit on white ceremony chairs, hay bales or rustic wood benches awaiting your appearance down the aisle.  The tree branches are hung with mason jars glowing with candle light.  As you walk down the aisle and see the love of your life, the famous desert sunset glows with pinks and blues and oranges.

After the ceremony, your photographer whisks you away to take strikingly beautiful photos in the desert or next to our rustic old farm truck.

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Your guests wait for your return during cocktail hour where they snack on appetizers, play lawn games and go on tours of the ranch.

barn farm wedding venue rustic high desert victorville

When you return, the smell of BBQ wafts on the air while your DJ gets everyone’s energy up and ready to celebrate.  The guests are waiting for you to dance your way into the barn as the sun sets and the barn lights really begin to glow.

You grab a few candies from the jars of sweets sitting on the antique side table or roast a marshmallow to make a s’more right inside the barn!  You laugh as everyone from the little kids to your grandma join in.  Sneaking away from the guests for a few moments, you’re able to get a few snaps in the Photo Booth and print out a keepsake.

After cake cutting (did you smash it?), garter tossing and all the other fun, you can’t believe that all the festivities are ready to end.  You may choose to head off to your honeymoon with a sparkler send off or continue the party with your closest friends in the farmhouse.  Either way, you end the day in the arms of your love, happy and fulfilled.






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