We’ve found that there is a particular type of bride and groom that enjoy weddings at the ranch the most.  These brides and grooms love the contrast of having elegant elements in a rustic setting such as photos of wearing a beautiful wedding dress in front of a rusty antique truck or a chandelier hanging from the wood rafters of a barn.  They love having a unique wedding that stands out from the run of the mill banquet halls.  They enjoy the organic natural quality of wood and fabric and they have a great sense of humor, enjoying a rooster crow or a cow moo in the distant background of wedding noise.high desert barn wedding venue southern california


We’ve also found that brides and grooms who enjoy a Flip Flop Ranch wedding want to be as relaxed as our ranch name.  This is exactly what we cater to.

We take amazing care of our brides and grooms.  Some venues book with their brides and grooms and then abandon them to all the details.  We meet with you multiple times and are available for phone calls or text messages whenever you need us (assuming we’re awake and maybe even then too).  We do everything we can to make your wedding stress free and as easy as possible.  Some brides and grooms want to save money and have a cheap wedding, and that’s ok!  Our goal though is to have an amazingly relaxed and enjoyable wedding.  Weddings at the ranch may not be the cheapest venue in the world (although with the average price of a wedding in our county being nearly $30,000 we aren’t even close to the most expensive either!) but we do think we are the most caring venue.


We’ve found that as the price of a wedding goes down, the stress levels go up.  We’ve tried to find a nice balance point with the most reasonable prices we can offer in order for you to have a completely stress free experience.

Our goal is for you to walk away from your wedding feeling like it was unique, fun and relaxing.  Many couples, especially the bride, are so busy taking care of everything at their wedding that they have no time to actually enjoy it and be part of it.  Nobody wants that and we take particular care to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

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We have a team of caring people at every wedding dedicated to making the day go smoothly.  When emergencies pop up, and they always do, our wedding team takes care of it so that you can keep having your makeup done with your bridesmaids or finish that pool game with your groomsmen.

As we’ve helped brides and grooms develop the rustic wedding of their dreams, we’ve learned exactly what they need to have a truly happy wedding.  We’ve changed how we operate, what we do for the brides and groom, adjusted the packages and services.  Each wedding is tailored to the needs of the bride and groom so that you have a wedding that is truly you.



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