Every bride needs to hear from previous brides on how weddings go.  That’s the best kind of wedding advice you could get.  A wedding hack is a tip that helps you get through the chaos that is a wedding.  With the right wedding hacks, you can have fun wedding instead of a tearful breakdown!

  1. Get a wedding only email
  2. Create a wedding mood board
  3. Learn a quick trick for opening a sealed envelope (trust me you’ll need this)
  4. Become BFFs with Google Docs
  5. Pick a wedding hashtag
  6. Get an address stamp
  7. Ask for help
  8. Use an online wedding RSVP
  9. Do an untraditional wedding registry like Zola.com (or Gively.com is our suggestion)
  10. Don’t wait to write wedding thank you notes
  11. Sew your bra into the wedding dress
  12. Stay away from dairy
  13. Drink sparkling water
  14. Have fun!  Yay!

It’s really smart to find other engaged couples or freshly married ones who have recently gone through planning a wedding.  This will help you to get an idea what it’s like and collect some good tips that will make the path smoother.  Planning a wedding isn’t easy so take as much advice as you can get!

What wedding hacks have you learned?