Naked Cakes

Naked cakes and half naked cakes have been a popular type of wedding cake for years and this trend isn’t going anywhere.  It’s still popular, especially with a rustic venue like our barn wedding venue.

This is a full naked cake.  Notice it has no frosting at all on the edges.

Drip Cakes

Drip cakes often go along with a naked or half naked wedding cake although you can certainly see it in all different types of cakes.  Drip cakes use liquid dark or white chocolate or caramel and pour it on top of the wedding cake so that it drips down the side in delicious designs.

Metallic Wedding Cakes

Notice in the drip cake above that they colored the drip a copper color.  Metallics are totally in, especially copper and rose gold wedding cakes.

Marble cakes

Marble cakes have been in style for a few years and like naked cakes, they aren’t going anywhere.  Marble is totally on trend this year in cakes as well as many other elements of the wedding decor.  Read more about marble and the 2018 wedding trends here.

Mirror Glaze Wedding Cakes

Mirror glaze wedding cakes are the newest hottest thing.  They are really an amazing idea and so fascinating to watch being made.  The design is fluid and natural.  It hasn’t quite hit the wedding scene full force, but we have seen a big increase in this style cake in the last year.  2018 may be the year for mirror glaze wedding cakes!

Waterpaint Wedding Cakes

I saved the best for last, at least in my own humble wedding cake loving opinion.  I think water painted wedding cakes are so amazingly beautiful.  It’s a gentle, soft, feminine look but it can also be spiced up to match whatever you are going for.  Look at all the variety and customization available in this style of wedding cake!



Notice how many of these styles are mixed and matched.  It’s not just one thing or the other.  Find a few elements you like and just go for it!  The point is to have fun and celebrate your love.

What kind of wedding cake would you choose?