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What to expect

This is what to expect when you come for a tour:

You will park up by the front of the house where the Flip Flop Ranch sign is. If you end up in the parking lot behind the barn, you’re still in the right place, just start walking over the the big red barn. Either way give us a call and let us know you’re here. The farm is pretty big and even though we’re looking for you to arrive we may not see you!

Once we know you’re here, we’ll walk you (or meet you) at the barn and show you around. We’ll be able to discuss in more detail what you’re looking for in your wedding and how you would see working with the venue space. In other words, where would you want your ceremony and your reception? How would you envision decorating the barn?

After this, we’ll give you a tour of the farmhouse where you or your family and friends would be able to stay for the wedding and where you would be getting dressed and ready for the big event!

We can discuss the packages in more depth when we sit down at the big farmhouse table to look things over. Based on what you’ve said you see for your day, we will suggest the package that works best for you and you can decide what you want.

Should you book right then and there?

This isn’t easy to answer. If you decide you need time to think about then by all means! We would never want to pressure anyone into booking at the ranch. We are very particular about who begins the rest of their life at our beautiful ranch and one of our requirements is you absolutely love the venue and you are happy with us working with you.

Take your time to think about what you want to do and contact us in a couple days.

If you are in love with the venue, we really suggest booking immediately. We fill up super fast and there’s a good chance if you wait too long that you will lose your date.

How to hold your date

To hold your date, you only have to put down a $500 deposit. This is refundable for 72 hours which gives you some time to decide if you really want to go ahead or not.

How to book

Once you decide, we will meet again and discuss the details of exactly what you want for your wedding. You can always change your mind and add things on or take things off up until the deadline (which is different for different things such when you change the caterer or whether or not you want extra hay bales!).

At this point, you can pay all at once, in thirds or we can set up a monthly payment to make it easiest for you.

Have fun!

Now comes the fun part. You’ve decided to have your wedding at Flip Flop Ranch! Not only is your wedding going to be super unique, but you are supporting the conservation efforts of the ranch to keep endangered breeds of farm animals from extinction.

There’s nothing like a beautiful start to your married life that is also saving endangered animals and supporting farmers and the organic local farming movement!!!