Rustic chic weddings in a vintage red barn.  All inclusive services including catering and decor for a stress free wedding.

How to Design and Plan Your Barn Wedding

Instead of the typical run of the mill wedding like everyone else is having, why not consider a barn wedding with more fun and style?

Rustic barn weddings have more potential than a typical wedding

Barn weddings hold a lot of possibilities for getting breathtaking photos and changing ordinary details into gorgeous ones. Barn weddings are becoming more and more popular and one reason is that they’re pretty easy to plan.  HOWEVER, having said that, even the best wedding planners in the industry find barn-themed or otherwise-themed weddings have their tricky moments (which is one reason we suggest for a wedding that spending the money on a planner and someone to help with set up/tear down and coordination is worth the cost and is of course why we provide these services here at the ranch).

Little touches that make your barn wedding

We have just a bit of experience with barn weddings, so here are some tips to help you design and plan the perfect rustic chic barn wedding.

  • Clothing Styles – Since a barn wedding venue promotes relaxation and ease, the best style to use (and then dress up) is clothes of comfort. Cotton dresses, sundresses, and other casual clothing will be perfect for the bride, groom and guests for a barn wedding. These simple and comfortable clothes can be made to look beautiful with some extra fancy touches such as flowers in your hair or expensive looking jewelery.  If you still desire to have a formal kind of wedding with formal and more serious outfit, it’s all right because juxtaposing elegance with rustic is probably the most gorgeous thing ever.
  • The Venue and Decoration – For an outdoor barn wedding, consider having a picnic with tables covered in the traditional country-checkered tablecloths or even rustic quilts. You can also add and use candles (LED please!) and vintage bistro lights in order to light up the entire place if you are planning a nighttime event. The flowers that could be used are sunflowers, dahlias, and daisies. Baby’s breath always looks good around a barn.  These are the perfect flowers to be placed on table centerpieces, hanging off the ceremony chairs or anywhere else.  Check out some rustic centerpiece ideas.
  • Music – You can be do anything from pop to traditional and have country music and barn bands playing. Depending on your setup, you can be cliche and tacky or you can have a gorgeous, stylish country event.  One thing we always suggest is to mix and match the elegant and urban with the rustic.  You will be surrounded by rustic touches, so consider how you can set the venue off by having elements that pop.  Either way, music means the guests will definitely have a great time dancing, especially if they’re new to this kind of wedding venue and style.
  • Foods – You can try baking small cookies and wrap them in a barn style gift paper. You can get some local vegetables and fruits and place them in baskets and tie the baskets with ribbons in your wedding colors. And let’s just be honest, is it really a barn wedding without BBQ?
  • Invitations – A barn style wedding invitation would be a great preview for your amazingly unique wedding event. One of the best options for the invitation design is by using photos of the barn’s landscape and scenery (feel free to steal them off our website, but please credit the photographer if this is mentioned!). The wording of your wedding invitation should be able to match the barn theme. Everyone tries to be creative with what you want to write on your invitations but whenever you’re unsure you can always use some of those ever popular facebook memes of marriage quotes or love quotes.  There’s a reason they’re shared so much lol.  When you’re writing your barn wedding invitation, the format is the most important consideration; not the design but the wordings’ layout.  Pinterest is your best friend here.

Some extra barn wedding tips

A few more tips that you can follow for a barn-themed wedding or even for any style of wedding is to:

1.  Always stick with your budget, but don’t be cheap.  The biggest mistake we see with couples is your budget is way too small.  Yes I understand, things are hard in this economy and people struggle in even the best. But you only have one wedding.  Do it right!  You don’t want to look back at your pictures and be disappointed with the outcome.  You can be smart and cut costs, but some things like the venue or the photographer are worth it!

2.  Get it in writing!  When making transactions with suppliers and vendors, you need to plan everything right the first time and get things in writing. Your vendors absolutely will not remember everything you talked about even if they took notes on it.  Update your contract with each new decision or what you asked for isn’t yours.

3.  Make sure you pay your vendors when you’re supposed to.  If you don’t, the contract is breached and they have the right to cancel on you.  Even if they don’t cancel, they may not be able to provide you with what you asked for due to lack of funds or time.  They may not tell you this until last minute because they’re too busy, haven’t considered it, are embarrassed to admit that they (like all small businesses) are struggling financially or any other number of reasons.  If you wait, you may be out of luck.

4.  Lastly, don’t do everything alone – There are resources for decreasing your stress.  Always ask for help and thank those people who will help you with the planning and design of your wedding.  Remember that frustrations can run high and you will probably butt heads with at least one of your vendors or venue.  It is rare when people aren’t trying to do what’s best so keep this in mind when you become frustrated.

It’s all worth it in the end

Planning a wedding could possibly be very tiring and time-consuming process.  Ok, it WILL be a tiring and time-consuming process.  You will get very exhausted, you will cry. But once you get to see your beloved standing in front of you on the most important day of your life, you will be able to forget everything else.

man and woman celebrating wedding in front of barn