The budget is probably the most stressful part of planning a wedding.  Brides and grooms try so very hard not to go over budget, but let’s be honest it’s going to happen!  Here are a collection of splurges by real brides of the one item that wrecked their budget!

It was small, but…we decided to order a cake from this bakery that we fell in love with. Three tiers, each a different flavor, and it is SO WORTH IT.–lindabelcher


We’re actually within our budget (we gave ourselves a range rather than a strict number); however, my dress blew my personal budget. My original dress budget was 2K before alterations. It ended up being 5K with alterations (dress without alterations was 3200 or so). The reason I did that was because it was very difficult to find a dress my mother liked when I was shopping (which was very important to me) and she offered to pay for anything over the 2k as long as she also approved. I looove my dress and can’t wait to wear it, but I could have gone cheaper as well.–Miaaa


We splurged on our photography package. No regrets!–E.V.


Videography is pushing us to the high end of our range too but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m just so afraid I’ll regret not doing it and you can’t change your mind when it’s all over!–Laura


Invitations and menus. They’re going to be gorgeous. I’m more excited about our invitations than I was buying my dress.–Emily Post


Live band instead of a DJ. I fell in love and it was worth every penny. In hindsight I would have paid twice as much for them. They were AMAZING.–Stephanie


I’m debating getting a live painter for the wedding, which will put us about $1700 over budget.–Heather


Our venue! However, the venue is so gorgeous that we have minimal decorations and are still on budget.–Bailey