Our family has always had the dream of hosting weddings in our big red barn.  I mean, I personally would love to have a rustic wedding and get married on the farm..I just need to find a groom!

We have finally scheduled our very first wedding for January 2017 and are rushing to get the barn and grounds prepared.  The barn was a mess.  I mean it was a gorgeous mess, but it was still just used as-surprise, surprise-a barn.  That means it was full of tools and junk and various barn related items such as extra supers for the bee hives, cages, scrap wood and so on.


It took a few weeks, but we finally got everything out of the barn.  Most of it was trash to be honest.  The last owners left all their junk in the barn and while I’ve been cleaning it out over the years, I never quite realized how much trash I had yet to throw out.  I think we filled ten dumpsters full of trash.  Full size dumpsters.

barn wedding
Finally empty

Now we are in the process of putting siding on the inside of the barn.  We struggled for a while on whether we should do this, so I photoshopped siding and asked everybody on facebook to vote.  Yes, we definitely should do this.

barn barn2

And yes, we are definitely glad we did.  It looks so amazing in the barn now and is going to make for such amazing wedding photos.  It’s not done yet, but look how good it looks.