A wedding is NOT supposed to be stressful. It is supposed to be joyous and a beautiful start to a new exciting and committed life together.

Instead, many brides and grooms get bogged down by the details and the planning and the emergencies and the research and the meetings and the phone calls and the coordinating and all the other pieces that go into throwing a successful and unique wedding.

Today’s brides and grooms face a different problem than ones of the past. A lack of time.

In this modern world, we have everything we need and most everything we want. But in exchange, we’ve sacrificed time. With most people’s schedules-jobs, children, relationships-there is barely enough time to make it through the day and get everything done that’s necessary.

Add a wedding on top of this and now stress levels skyrocket.

Are we right for you?

  • Do you feel like you have enough time for your family and job before adding the wedding on top?
  • Do you or your fiancé sometimes joke (or not joke) about just eloping so you can avoid the stress of the wedding?
  • Are you afraid of ‘screwing up’ your wedding?
  • Is your wedding important to you?
  • While money is of course a consideration, is the quality of your wedding experience more important than the cost?
  • Is having a low stress and fun wedding a priority?
  • Would it be nice to get help with the burdens of wedding planning?
  • Do you want to focus on the joy of the wedding experience over the nitty gritty details?

We do the hard work so that you can do the fun stuff.

Flip flop ranch is not just a wedding venue. It is a wedding service that takes all the stress of planning a wedding off of your shoulders and puts the burden on ours. We take care of the boring stuff so that you can focus on the fun-the cake taste testing, picking out songs with your DJ, figuring out what shots you want your photographer to take.

If you are like most other couples who have a lot on your plate and need to free up your time, we are the venue for you.

We specialize in creating weddings for the bride and groom who are short in time but still want amazing fun unique weddings

 Ready to schedule a tour to see how we can lower your wedding stress?


bride at barn wedding venue in the high desert southern california