Well our first Halloween event was a resounding success!


We had a good group of people there even though it was totally last minute. But what was really exciting was that our barn was finished (or close enough!). And it was absolutely beautiful. We have been working so hard on it and it is just beautiful. Before, the barn was simply used for storing tools and equipment and just miscellaneous crap. We probably through away 10 dumpster loads of just trash. Things have been accumulating in that barn since I don’t know how long. We have lived there for 15 years and we inherited a barn full of trash and just all sorts of stuff. We took weeks to clean it out and put new boards on to cover the exposed framework. And it’s just so beautiful. There’s still a few things to do, but not very much. We have to paint the outside of the barn where we replaced boards and we are going to build huge doors to cover the opening in the front. But it will be event ready and wedding ready within the next couple weeks.


We have had a lot of interest already in the barn for events and weddings. This weekend I am giving a tour to two different couples who want to host a wedding here. It is so exciting that the ranch is going to become an event venue and a wedding venue. I love the idea of sharing our ranch with couples who are starting their life fresh. I am a marital and family therapist and I love a happy relationship. If we can do what we can to help people start on the right foot then I am excited about it. We plan to offer premarital counseling as part of the package for people having weddings here, But that is another post.

Okay, about the party itself

Anyways, I am just rambling on, but I wanted to share the pictures from our Halloween event. It was so much fun. We had pumpkin bowling and cut out signs of Frankenstein and his wife. We had a feed the pig beanbag toss, although we forgot to get beanbags so I just broke out some frozen corn from the freezer and put it in a Ziploc bag ha ha. The kids loved it even more than bean bags I think.


We also had a ghost hunt which was intense. There are some spooky stories of ghost sightings at the ranch so we got EMF detectors that light up when an electromagnetic field is sensed. Supposedly ghosts have an electromagnetic field and so these machines detect it. We split everyone into teams and sent them off around the ranch when it was dark. As we walked of course we told lots of ghost stories to get everyone spooked out. For my team, the light stayed green which indicated no ghosts detected. Then all of a sudden both EMF detectors turned red suggesting that there was a ghost around. Then they wouldn’t turn off. It was just enough spookiness for Halloween!

As the temperature dropped and people got tired, we went out to the fire pit and made Smore’s. We are going to put a nice patio here with a roof so that people can hang out. We will definitely keep the fire pit though! The Smore’s are good 🙂

I really hope that people get excited about having their weddings and events at our venue. I love this place and it is so beautiful in its unique desert way. I hope we can share it with people and help to be part of a tradition or a ritual that brings people to the next part of their lives.