Christina and Erik bravely chose Friday the 13th for their wedding day.  Despite any spine shivering movie references to the day, the wedding was adorable.

Carl Bringas Photography

The weather was about as spine shivering as those movies however.  It rained and rained and rained and rained.  Then it rained more.  It wasn’t the best start to our very first wedding and after gloomy emotions, the bride and groom rallied and decided they would bravely have their wedding ceremony outside anyways.  What’s a little rain when your day is filled with happiness!

The weddings guests cheered when the announcement was made and they left the barn with umbrellas overhead and trash bags to sit on.  Some kept standing, but everybody watched happily as this lovely couple tied the knot under the pouring sky.

To warm up, the guests came inside the barn, ate some yummy barbecue from Itchy Foot Barbecue Catering…

…gave some toasts…

…and then danced until the cold evaporated.

All in all a successful start to our life as a wedding venue and to the couples life as a Mr. and Mrs.