2018 Wedding Trends

We are so looking forward to seeing what lies in store for our beautiful barn next year.  I’ve been doing a ton of research into the trends for next year and will be posting a few different articles covering what the wedding industry expects brides to want for their decor, flowers, dresses and so on.

Now I’m always one for encouraging brides to buck the trends and do their own thing so don’t feel any pressure to conform to these ideas.  However!  They are pretty cool so if you like the ideas then who cares what other people are or aren’t doing!  Take a look at what’s in for next season and if you like it…well, book a wedding tour and let’s get going to design you a beautiful and trendy wedding!


Luscious swirls of luxuriously expensive (or at least expensive looking) stone are predicted to fill wedding venues across America.  I love the idea of cold marble stone in the setting of our warm rustic barn.  Talk about a combination of elegant and rustic!  Look at these gorgeous marble ideas below and just imagine them in a barn!




If you noticed in the photo above, copper looks beautiful next to marble.  Seriously, it’s killing me how beautiful it is.  How could you not want a marble and copper wedding, especially in a barn!  I’m going to go out and buy stuff like this for my bedroom I love it so much.  Copper just works for a wedding.  It’s so modern and yet so warm and comfortable.  It really helps to balance out the coolness of the marble.  Check out these amazing wedding ideas mixing marble with copper.  The color scheme is uhmayzing.



Geometric designs have been on  trend for a couple years now, but they’re just now reaching their full power.  There are so many amazing ideas and notice in every single picture above, there are geometric designs.  The pots holding the succulents, the copper wire decor element, the polygonal shape of the plates, even the cake has a geometric design.  You cannot have a trendy wedding without geometric elements (although you can certainly still have a beautiful one).  Here are a few more ideas to round off our wedding 2018 trends and make your mouth water.  Notice my friend, how many of these include both marble and copper elements.


What do you think?  Are you into these 2018 wedding trends?  Let us know if you’d love a marble, copper, geometric wedding!