Settle in

barn wedding venue glowing lights fabric bride and groom happyYour wedding event at Flip Flop Ranch is more than just a rushed visit to an impersonal venue.

Because all of our events are exclusive and include the full day or up to two night’s lodging at our room farmhouse, you can spend your time relaxing and immersed in the ranch’s peacefulness.

Your wedding begins the day before the event, if you rent our lodging, by settling into our cute and spacious  four bedroom farmhouse.

You’re welcome to stay here yourselves, with your bridal party or up to 15 of your friends and family.  Because a stay at the ranch lasts 2 nights and 3 days, that means you have plenty of time to enjoy the farm and prepare for your wedding.

Most couples have a rehearsal and host their rehearsal dinner the first afternoon at the ranch. Kitchen facilities are available in the farmhouse, which means that you can save money over taking everyone out to a restaurant. After a relaxed rehearsal and a joyful dinner, feel free to enjoy the desert stars and maybe even roast marshmallows over the campfire if the weather is cooperating.

Your Wedding day

Your first morning on the ranch is usually the morning of your actual wedding.  How exciting! Work with the set up team on final decoration prep and join with your family for breakfast or brunch to start the day right.

As your set up team does the hard work for you, you can relax and be pampered by your beautician and bridal party. In the serene desert landscape, your ceremony will begin the formal celebration of the day. Cocktails may be served up in the golden light of the afternoon as guests mingle around wine barrels enjoying a bite and plenty of exuberant conversation. This happy connection and re-acquaintance is what the weekend is about. Dinner is served!  Elegant plated cuisine or rustic classics served family style – BBQ is our favorite!

Dance the night away under the stars and rustic edison lights in our vintage barn while guests enjoy sipping wine and kicking back to look up at the night sky around the fire pit.

Gather your nearest and dearest and head up to the Farm House for a nightcap or to partake of a fun filled after party.  The party is not over until you’ve made the night all yours!


Contact us for more info or feel free to text us! 760.221.9351