Flip Flop Ranch

Red Barn Weddings

Get married in a rustic barn on a real working ranch


Romantic. Fun. Low stress.

A beautiful red barn wedding venue on the edge of the secluded Mojave Desert.

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  • This was the perfect place for my rustic, country wedding! My new husband and I were very overwhelmed about everything wedding wise. Where to have it? What do we want? What should we do for food? Etcetera. Etcetera. When we found Flip Flop Ranch we were not overwhelmed anymore. They took over everything! They asked what was important to us. What we wanted and envisioned for our wedding. And they made our dreams come true! Christina and Erik

  • The entire time felt like we were home with family rather than feeling like we just rented a venue. I kept saying these ladies were like my fairy godmothers and they made me feel like a Disney princess.Suzie and Matthew Norton

  • Flip Flop ranch is a beautiful and unique wedding venue. Since the first time I saw it I fell in love with the beautiful big red barn. I can honestly say that my wedding was picture perfect. Serina is an amazing person who will do everything in her power to make you happy and make sure your special day goes as planed. Every time I shared an idea with Serina she would try to get the decorations I needed. She always responds fast and is very dedicated to make your day perfect. When looking for a venue look no further! This venue has amazing views for beautiful wedding memories and she offers a variety of options for your guest to enjoy! I promise you won't retreat it. And besides every time I would meet up with her I felt like a kid again! There's so many things to enjoy at the ranch it definitely helps you escape from all the madness of wedding planning! I'm so happy I found this beautiful and rustic barn wedding venue! 🙂Ozmayra and Kenny

  • Serina and everybody at Flip Flop Ranch bent over backwards to make our wedding day absolutely amazing. They went so far out of their way I couldn't believe it. The one thing I would say about this place is that they really make you feel special and cared about. They tookcare of me and my fiancĂ© and our family and even our guests. During my wedding, we had some little kids who got bored out of their mind and Serina took them all over the farm and let them feed the animals their dinner. How different is that to the typical unfeeling venue that just churns out weddings like a factory?Jane and Matt

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